A quartet from Oregon Renaissance Band and much more

Gayle and Phil Neuman, Polly Gibson, and Laura Kuhlman will be performing at the First annual Festival of St. Stephen on Sunday, July 30th.  The event is from 12 noon to 5:00pm and features music, food and games at St. Stephen Roman Catholic Church,1112 SE 41st ave., Portland.  Adult tickets are $10 and are available by calling the church office at 503-234-5019.  The renaissance music is from 2:00pm to 4:00pm and will include recorders, violin, viol, dulcian, bassanelli, bagpipes, and voice.  Music by Josquin des Prez, Tomas Luis de Victoria, Canale, Phalèse, Playford, and some fun Florentine carnival songs. Hope to see you there!

ORB goes Hollywood!

Gayle and Phil Neuman recorded music on ancient instruments including kithara and kroupezon for the Paramount/MGM movie “Ben Hur,” which opened on August 19th in theaters.  Stay for the credits!

Members of the Oregon Renaissance Band (Daphne Clifton, Lori Fitch, Gayle and Phil Neuman) appear in the recent movie “Buddymoon” directed by Alex Simmons, starring David Giuntolli (Grimm) and Flula Borg.  The group appears somewhat unexpectedly in the ‘wilds’ of Mt. Hood playing 2 pieces by Anthony Holborne on recorders.  It premiered in July of 2016.  The film, which also stars Claire Coffee, Jeanne Syquia, and Brian T. Finney, is distributed by Orion, and is available on Itunes.