Oregon Renaissance Band

The Man.  The Music.  A 500th year Celebration of Heinrich Isaac: The Oregon Renaissance Band, directed by Phil and Gayle Neuman, presents a performance of music by the renowned renaissance composer Heinrich Isaac on the date of the 500th anniversary of his passing on March 26th, 1517.  A variety of songs, motets, and instrumental works from his vast repertoire performed like no one else can, by the 11 renaissance music specialists of the northwest’s finest renaissance music ensemble.  Music for voices, violin, viols, recorders, racketts, sackbutts, spinettino, bagpipes and much more.  One performance only: Sunday, March 26th, 2017 at 3:00pm.  The performance will be at the Community Music Center, 3350 SE Francis St., Portland, Oregon. Admission: $15 and $12, at the door only.

ORB goes Hollywood!

Gayle and Phil Neuman recorded music on ancient instruments including kithara and kroupezon for the Paramount/MGM movie “Ben Hur,” which opened on August 19th in theaters.  Stay for the credits!

Members of the Oregon Renaissance Band (Daphne Clifton, Lori Fitch, Gayle and Phil Neuman) appear in the recent movie “Buddymoon” directed by Alex Simmons, starring David Giuntolli (Grimm) and Flula Borg.  The group appears somewhat unexpectedly in the ‘wilds’ of Mt. Hood playing 2 pieces by Anthony Holborne on recorders.  It premiered in July of 2016.  The film, which also stars Claire Coffee, Jeanne Syquia, and Brian T. Finney, is distributed by Orion, and is available on Itunes.