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Welcome to the home page of the Early Music Guild of Oregon.

The purposes of this site are to foster communication among Oregon's early musicians, to serve as a virtual bulletin board of news and events, and, in general, to further the cause of early music.  This site is hosted by the Easystreet Non-profit program - for more information, see www.easystreet.com.

Oregon Renaissance Band and Ensemble De Organographia - see Events and Performers pages.

Look: Glossary of Renaissance Instruments - see the Other News and Events page.

Glossary of Ancient Greek and Egyptian Instruments - see the Other News and Events page.

Instruments for sale - see the Other News and Events page for more information.

If you have anything to contribute in the way of news, events, links, or ideas about what should be included here, send email to neuman@emgo.org

If you are an EMGO member and have an email address, please send that too.

Visit often to keep up with the latest changes.

If you are an early music enthusiast or a player of early instruments and not an EMGO member, please consider joining (there's a form on the Join EMGO page).   You can read about the benefits of EMGO membership on the About EMGO page.

Consider making a contribution to EMGO with the Oregon Cultural Trust

The Oregon Cultural Trust is an innovative, statewide private-public program raising significant new funds to support and protect Oregon's arts, humanities and heritage.  In addition to the creation of a long-term, protected endowment, funds are distributed annually through three multi-faceted, wide-ranging grant programs.  Donors to the Trust are eligible for a 100% Oregon income tax credit for contributions of up to $500 for individuals, $1,000 for couples filing jointly and $2,500 for corporations. To motivate Oregonians to increase direct giving to cultural groups, Trust donors must also make matching gifts to one or more of 1,200 cultural nonprofits in order to qualify for the credit.  Twelve thousand (12,000) donors have contributed over $8 million to the Cultural Trust since Oregon's cultural tax credit took effect in December 2002.  More information:  (503) 986-0088 or www.culturaltrust.org.